Pu-erh herbal Chinese tea a sip of health

Health is one of the most important aspects of a human life, as good health equals to a good life with hassle free medical issues. Now with the introduction of natural products one can easily keep a healthy and fit life ahead. One of the vital health issues is obesity or over weight, and exercise cannot alone suffice. For these arrogant fats best way to dilute them is through natural drinks like natural tea. Among much fat reducing green tea available in the market, not there is another form of tea. Yet it is an ancient technique tea, but now being accepted all around the globe. The Pu-erh-tea which has its origin from China, from a province named Yunnan.

The origin and features of Pu-erh-tea

The ancient technique of fermentation is the secret technique in making the Pu-erh-tea which makes is so popular for the fat reducing. It is also known as the black tea which is now a famous drink around the globe for the features it acquires. It contains herbal ingredients like the, catechins, theaflavins and flavonoids which are high in antioxidant activity helping in detoxing the toxic fluids out of the body, and helping in burning the fats of the body. It also helps in;

  • It is believed that the Pu-erh-tea helps in lowering the LDL cholesterol and increases the HDL which is good for health. Research says that drinking Pu-erh regularly drops hundred percent cholesterol levels in the body.

  • Pu-erh also commonly helps in opening up the main meridians which is the stomach and the spleen, which controls the digestive system of the body. It is seen that many health foods and daily food also contains toxic chemicals which can be dangerous for the digestive system. Pu-erh helps in cleansing of these toxins and purifying our blood vessels keeping it clean and hassle free. Generally the toxins are accumulated on the blood vessels and the Pu-erh basically attacks those affected areas and breaks the accumulated toxins further fastening the digestion and keeping the digestive system fully active and operative.

  • This traditional Chinese herbal tea is best for reducing fat through a very systematic yet natural process. It helps in blocking the body to produce more fat through the process of fatty acid synthesis. It further helps in secreting of the enzyme HSL which stops the further growth of fats and helps one to break the fatty molecules in the body helping in reducing the fat faster and in a much better natural process without any side effects. It will also help in enhancing your energy level bringing you to the active mode and totally eradicates the laziness out of your system fully.

  • Generally people drink tea to stay awake as the caffeine content in the tea keeps the cells and mind active, but with Pu-erh it is slightly different and has been prescribed for better sleep and de stress oneself through regular drinking. The reasons is that the main two micro-organisms and the phyto- chemicals the GABA and the theanine which are best for distressing are highly content in the Pu-erh tea, which helps it to comfort the stress levels and soothes the nerve. This results to a deep and healthy sleep giving energy and freshness to the body and soul. Although the tea contains caffeine which is harmful for sleep, but the micro-organisms play the trick.

  • It helps the body to de toxicate in a normal procedure, keeping health ailments away from keeping one fit and healthy. Although yet many people are unaware of its richness yet the Pu-erh tea is helping many individuals in their daily life to fight back toxic elements in their food of living habits. With the natural qualities and the herbs used in the tea it makes the tea strong in medicinal qualities giving one the fitness regime and also keeping the freshness of drinking, both at one go.

The three different Pu-erh tea brands

There are three different main Pru-erh tea brand which are not only good in quality, but are fast spreading around the globe. All the three different brands have their own unique quality and nature, making each of them best from the other. The unique and healthy three Pu-erh teas are namely;

Prince Of Peace Tea Premium Pu-erh Tea, 100 teabags

Prince Of Peace Tea Premium Pu-erh Tea, 100 teabags 

The prince of peace tea premium Pu-erh tea is a premium brand, which is trusted all around the world. Making it easy to drink tea it comes in the tea bag form where you have to just boil water and dip the bag. The freshness and quality of the prince of peace would surely give you the divine health and taste regime. These are available in the pack of three and the total hundred tea bags will make your health regime in a balance form. It can also be ordered online as there are different tea companies who are using the Pu-erh tea ingredients to give you the best Prince of peace premium tea.

Numi Organic Tea Emperor's Pu-erh, Full Leaf Black Pu-erh Tea, 16 Count non-GMO Tea Bags

Numi Organic Tea Emperor's Pu-erh, Full Leaf Black Pu-erh Tea

The Numi organic tea comes in the shredded tea leaf form and is rich in color with a hint of malt, earthy flavor with strong taste. It is a best alternative for general tea and coffee, as although it has the mixed vibrant taste but the Pu-erh tea formation helps to keep the body healthy without effects. It is also available in natural flowers and fruits flavor, where there is no addition of sugar or coloring. The natural taste and fragrance of the fest fruits and flowers are used to enhance the quality.

Imperial Organic Tea, Pu-Erh, 18 Tea Bags,1.14 Ounce

Imperial Organic Tea, Pu-Erh

The word imperial strikes the royalty of quality and class, so the imperial organic Pu-erh tea has those fine texture and richness which makes it above all other herbal organic teas. It undergoes and longer period of aging the tea leaves which help in the strong color of red, which makes the tea leave separate and special from the various natural teas found around the world. Adding the health benefits the organic imperial Pu-erh has been blended and tasted hand on, so that each batch has the fresh taste and aroma, keeping intact all the natural qualities to maintain a higher level of good health.

Now keeping your own health in a check would be easier for you with the help of the herbal tea revolution, the Pu-erh tea, which although quite modern and new to the world, but has been flowing through generations, in the land of China where the process of fermenting tea leave was quite general. One of the main reasons of the invent of Pu-erh tea is that people had to travel long distance on road, so carrying the fermented tea leaves helped in keeping their tea fresh and healthy to drink for months. Now just order online for your Pu-erh chinese tea and drink the good health each day making yourself active, fit, energized, slim and rejuvenated, making your daily chores much fun and easy for you. It is the best way to live life happily and hassle free, counting each moment, and transforming it to special memories.

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