Q: Why do people drink tea?

A: There are various reasons why people drink and enjoy tea. Some people enjoy the tea for the distinct health benefits that different teas offer. Some people drink tea because they purely enjoy the taste and some people drink tea to help them wake up. A lot of people don’t like how much caffeine and sugar are in products like coffee or Red Bull. Ancient tribes used to actually make their soldiers and civilians drink tee to help keep them awake in some regions of China.

Q: Are there any types of tea that are bad for my health?

A: This really depends going on a case by case basis. However, there are a few things you should watch out for when you’re buying tea. First, you should make sure you’re not drinking tea that has too much caffeine in it. This isn’t usually a common problem with Chinese tea but you should still look out for it. If you’ve over brewed tea, you shouldn’t drink it. If your tea has gone cold due to various reasons, simply toss it out and make a new cup. If you smell a hint of burnt tea, you should throw it out immediately as well.

Q: How many classes of Chinese tea are there?

A: You have your green tea, your yellow tea, your white tea, oolong tea, black tea, fermented tea and your compacted tea. Each of them have different levels of oxidation and offer different benefits based on what you’re looking for. Researching each one, which can be done on our site Chinese-tea.net, will help you narrow down which ones are best for you.

Q: Can Chinese tea really help you lose weight?

A: Yes and no. While there are multiple brands and varieties of Chinese tea that can help boost your metabolism, that alone will not leave you shredded or lose a lot of weight. A lot of the work is still left up to you. You should consult your doctor before starting an exercise plan but a healthy diet, an exercise plan and a nice metabolism boost from Chinese tea will help you get kick started.

Q: Are there health benefits to Chinese tea?

A: Yes and some of them are disputed. It depends on the type of tea you get and what you’re looking for. Some people claim that Chinese tea can claim cancer and other researchers claim that these claims are utterly false. Take every claim you see with a grain of salt but there are benefits. For example, you can stay awake easier, you can be more mentally alert, your heart health will be increased, your bone structure can become stronger and there’s a lot of anti-oxidants in a lot of different teas.

Q: I tried to brew Chinese tea but it tasted weak, what happened?

A: There’s a few different reasons as to why this happens. First, you might not have let it steep long enough. Second, you might have added water that was too cold. Third, you might not have enough leaves in the mixture to help get the taste you’re looking for.

Q: Why does my Chinese tea taste bitter?

A: The most common reason this happens is because the heat is absorbed by the tea ware. If this happens to you, make sure that you’re preheating the teapot, the teacup and anything else that comes into contact with the tea. Make sure to let it simmer for a good minute.

Q: How much caffeine is in Chinese tea?

A: The information regarding EXACTLY how much caffeine is in tea is widely disputed but there is caffeine in Chinese tea. Even the decaffeinated tea still has a little bit of caffeine in it but not too much. However, there are plenty of herbal teas available if you’re looking for the least amount of caffeine you can find.

Q: Where can I store tea?

A: This ideally depends on storing conditions and the amount of light, heating and air in your storage situation. It’s best to use a seal that’s air tight and to block light as much as possible.