While this is one of the least popular forms of Chinese tea, it’s still a very unique and ambiguus type of tea in Chinese traditional culture. The weird thing is, there’s no globally agreed on term for what white tea is or how it derives. The reason is, the leaves of white tea aren’t processed as much as other types of tea and they come from the Camellia Sinensis plant. There’s not one single accepted definition in Chinese culture as to exactly what it is.

Some people refer to Chinese white tea as tea leaves that are simply dried and have no additional processing involved. Other types of teas differ from this because their leaves have not only been dried but they’ve also been steamed for various amounts of times before they come to dry. This is what gives certain types of tea leaves their distinct color or flavor.

Chinese tea

Like a lot of other types of tea, the leaves of Chinese white tea are primarily harvested in the Fujian province. However, production of this tea isn’t primarily produced in China, it’s produced in areas such as Galle, Thailand, Taiwan and some areas of Eastern Nepal. White tea leaves are mostly from immature buds that are picked and this is usually because they’re about to open. When the buds are picked, they’re then allowed to dry and wither in the natural sun light.

When you look at the bud of a white tea plant, you’ll notice that there’s fine white hairs on the buds, which remain unopened. This is why the buds are given a whitish appearance. When drinking the tea though, people notice that there’s a very light to little taste and the tea actually comes out as yellow rather than white.

Health Benefits

There are a lot of different Chinese white tea health claims and benefits. One of which is the anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties present in the plant. It’s said that it can help the skin by reducing the signs of aging with people who have crow’s feet or signs of wrinkling. This shouldn’t be a replacement for your daily skin care regiment, we need to remind you. This should be taken along with your daily anti-aging skin care regiment.

Also, researches have claimed that you can get healthy and youthful looking skin by regularly consuming Chinese white tea. This is due to the anti-oxidants mentioned earlier which go out to find and fight those combatant cells that like to tear apart your skin and age you faster. Also, stress, depression and alcoholism are classic causes of rapid ageing. If you exhibit any of those, please talk to a health care professional.

There are numerous cardiovascular benefits as well that may prevent or help with heart disease. There are a lot of flavonoids and while some researchers say there’s no real benefit in humans, some people say that the flavonoids in Chinese white tea have been proven to help people with cardiovascular health. Diabetes is another hot topic for Chinese white tea as researchers have found that you can actually reduce your blood sugar levels with the tea.

Weight loss is finally one of the key main kickers of Chinese white tea. Do you ever wonder why Chinese people are so skinny and why they drink so much tea? Sure, their diets in general are better than the west but a lot of things can lead to weight gain. There’s poor food choices and there’s schedules that don’t allow for regular exercise but it’s been researched that Chinese white tea can actually reduce cholesterol by a decent percent or margin.