The Chinese flower tea or more commonly known as the flowering tea or even the blooming tea is a very unique type of tea that isn’t made like anything else. When you receive a package of flower tea, you’ll receive some dried leaves that are wrapped around some dried flowers. What manufacturers of Chinese flower tea do is they like to find some dried leaves, some dried flowers and then they tie them together in a bind.

Then they’re set out to dry and that’s what creates the bulb effect that makes the flowering tea. One of the unique things about this tea is that when the tea is steeping, you can actually watch the blooming effect as the tea will actually start to unfold like a flower in springtime. The leaves should bloom first, with the flower as the main centerpiece.

While these types of teas aren’t overly popular with the west or some regions of China, they’re relatively common in the Yunnan region of China. There are particular types of flowers that are used in the production of Chinese flower teas such as hibiscus, lily, jasmine, osmanthus, chrysanthemum and globe amaranth. No one knows for sure about the origin of the flower tea.

Chinese Flower tea Photo

Some people argue that it could’ve been a modern creation by someone who was trying to make a tea and made the blooming flower tea by accident or whether it was one of the older inventions of China. No historical pieces among books regarding tea mention the Chinese flower tea. It will forever remain a mystery as to how this came to be, who founded it and who made it.

The Chinese flower tea is best served inside of a glass or inside of a teapot.

Health Benefits of Chinese Flower Tea

There are a lot of claimed and somewhat studied health benefits of Chinese flower tea. First up, the flower tea family is known for their powerful richness in anti-oxidants. Not only is Chinese flower tea great for your taste buds and praised for how good it tastes but also it can help rid your body of radical cells who intend to do harm inside of you.

Next, we have the skin benefits, which isn’t very common in a lot of different Chinese tea types. It’s been said and reported that flower tea consumption will actually replenish your skin and make it healthy. Some of the chemicals in flower tea will protect your skin from UV radiation. While we can’t confirm or deny that this type of tea will make you look younger, a lot of sources seem to claim and hang on to it.

Metabolism is something a lot of people want to boost. According to numerous sources, Chinese flower tea can increase your metabolism by a ridiculously alarming rate. Fat storage supposedly is remained normal and that it won’t allow excessive amounts of it. Chinese flower tea has also been reported to eliminate stress levels in people with depression, anxiety or people who are stressed out.

One of the uncommon functions is that flower tea can actually kill bacteria in your mouth region. It has a lot of anti-viral components and while this shouldn’t substitute for a tooth brush, it certainly helps. Also, some specific brain functions could be boosted because of Chinese flower tea. If you need to focus, need a boost in mental productivity, skip out on the 5 Hour Power Hour products you find in gas stations, try a flower tea product instead.