Chinese compressed tea in China is more commonly known as tea bricks. Pinyin are entire blocks of tea that are finely grounded in the form of green tea, black tea or post-fermented tea leaves. These tea leaves have been packed into separate molds unlike traditional Chinese tea and are served in block form.

This was the most common form of tea in China prior to the Ming Dynasty. These tea bricks aren’t as common today as they used to be, but there are still a lot of post-fermented styles of tea that are still served this way. Not only are there blocks but there are other compressed forms of tea such as discs and other shapes. You can even eat the tea as food aside from drinking it, making it a popular choice among the Chinese tea advocates.

The Origin

It’s hard to trace back to the earliest report of compressed tea and when the origin came about. The production of compressed tea was always made the same way though, through dried ground tea leaves but it wasn’t uncommon to see some non-dried up leaves used as well. The most common types of teas that still used Chinese compressed teas are pu-erh teas today.

Health Benefits

There’s not a lot to be said about the exclusive health benefits of Chinese compressed tea because it’s not as popular and not as widely studied as other forms of tea are. However, it’s worth noting that every single class of tea leaves have fluorine on them to some extent. These bricks are made from aged leaves and stems that actually build up quite a large quantity of fluorine.

This is why it’s unsafe to drink Chinese compressed tea for prolonged periods of time or in a mass consumption all at once. While there are a lot of reported health benefits by Chinese locals who love the tea, there’s no specific benefits that can be pin-pointed or thoroughly researched. So when reading on health benefits of Chinese compressed tea or tea bricks, take what you read for granted and do your own research on them.

Top Chinese Tea Brick Products

#1 – China Black Tea Brick by igourmet

China Black Tea Brick by igourmet


  • Imported directly from India

  • A tea that is jam packed with anti-oxidants and great for curing sicknesses

  • Has a very distinct and strong flavor

  • A great choice for anyone that’s receiving a wine basket or gift

  • The compression of the tea was made into a unique decoration

#2 – Anhua Dark Tea Fu Brick Organic Tea 300g Health Tea

Anhua Dark Tea Fu Brick Organic Tea


  • Weighs about 300g total

  • Comes from the Hunan province in China in Anhua County

  • It’s considered a health drink for the modern century

  • When visiting friends and relatives in China, it’s considered a wise gift among the locals

  • It has a long shelf life and the longer it sits, the better, like a fine wine

  • It can be stored in any clean or dry storage facility

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