Chinese black tea is often confused with red tea because black tea in America is something completely different. Chinese black tea can also be called fermented tea or more commonly known as dark tea. One of the most distinct things you’ll notice about Chinese black tea is just how strong the taste is. It has a very unique flavor and tastes a lot stronger than the average white tea and the green tea.

While the color of black tea might be confusing as its red or brown in nature, the term black comes from the leaves once they’re oxidized. Creating Chinese black tea has two different processes. First, there’s the CTC method which stands for crush, tear and curl. Second, there’s the orthodox method and each merchant will swear by their own personal method.

The Origin

The original origins of Chinese black tea was started in China but spread to other countries like Sri Lanka and India by travelling merchants as early as the 19th century. Back during the 17th century, the only kind of teas that were common and consumed among locals was oolong and green teas. Green tea was unoxidized and oolong teas were semi-oxidized.

Now, there’s a lot of debate over how the original origin of black tea was made in general but the most prominent story involves the passing military that stopped at a nearby tea factory. When the army decided to take shelter here, the leaves were exposed to too much sun because production was halted. This resulted in oxidation periods that were far longer than normal and the leaves grew darker. Finally, as a solution, the tea factory started smoking the leaves over pine wood and this in turn created the very first black tea known as Lapsang Souchong.

Health Benefits

Chinese black tea is very healthy for every one of all ages and has been potent in some areas for people with certain diseases. Cholesterol reduction has been noted in black tea and in one study was shown to lower cholesterol by 8%. Certain researchers suggest that black tea can also control your blood sugar levels. There are also said to be plenty of anti-oxidants in black tea as well.

Chinese black teas contain something known as polyphenols. These agents look for harmful cells and will attempt to detoxify them. Notable studies have suggested that your risk of ovarian cancer can be dropped by 30% with black tea. Kidney disease is another highly researched study field of black tea and women have an 8% lower risk of developing kidney disease. Lastly, researchers have studied mental alertness among black tea drinkers and found it to be significantly higher than those who didn’t drink the black tea.

Top 3 Chinese Black Tea Products

There are thousands of black tea products out there on the market, especially the market for Chinese black tea. We’ve gone through and cherry picked three of the best Chinese black tea products based on several different qualities. We only picked the highest quality products and we want to make sure that you’re buying the best for a relatively cheap price.

#1 - Lapsang Souchong Black Tea - Smoked Tea - Chinese Tea - Caffeinated - Black Tea - Tea - Loose Tea - Loose Leaf

Lapsang Souchong Black Tea


  • Comes imported straight from China and caffeinated

  • It’s smoked and high quality

  • Comes with a smooth finish and has a smoky look

  • Lapsang Souchong delicious flavoring

  • Can make up to 60 cups with 8oz of water

This product is great for bulk variety. You won’t run out of tea anytime soon and it tastes delicious. It also comes with a nice original refined look and a delicious Lapsang Souchong flavoring. You won’t be disappointed and it’s great for those rainy days or when you’re sick. They’ll make you feel immensely better.

#2 - Foojoy China Black Tea - 100 Tea Bags

Foojoy China Black Tea


  • Very smooth and a great taste

  • Comes with a lot of different nutrients

  • Has the perfect level of anti-oxidants for people looking to exercise

  • Has a bold flavor that other teas don’t offer

  • High level of mental alertness for people who have trouble waking up in the morning

This is one of the smoothest tasting Chinese teas that we’ve had or seen. It’s great for fitness enthusiasts as well and increases the mental height and awareness for people that don’t quite like the morning. So if you’re not a morning person, this is a great tea for you as it gives you a nice healthy kick start.

#3 - Luxtea® Chinese Top10 Famous Tea – Wuyi Da Hong Pao / Rock Tea / Big Red Robe / Dahongpao Oolong Black Tea – Grade AA

Luxtea Chinese tea


  • High quality grade (AA)

  • Is considered the “King of Tea” in China and is one of the top 10 teas overall in China

  • Can be stored in a relatively dry and cool environment

  • Can accommodate the flavor with whatever you like including milk, honey, lemon or other ingredients with a very diverse flavor offering

  • 12 individual packets that are neatly organized

While it’s not exactly the most diverse in terms of health benefits compared to the other two, this tea is for the fancy drinker looking for something a little less traditional. It’s highly rated in China and is a huge hit in the west with extraordinary customer ratings.

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