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We respect the traditional past time and culture of Chinese tea, along with the many health benefits that they offer. These health benefits are often overlooked by the media and by pharmaceutical companies because they make far too much money on prescription drugs. Our goal is to share as much knowledge as we can and to point you in the right direction for someone who’s looking to buy Chinese tea for their very first time. We hope you’ll find all the information you’re looking for here at

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  • The evolution of Chinese tea and how it came to be.

  • Some of the most influential Chinese teas, the different classes and many more fun filled facts regarding Chinese tea.

When most people think about tea, they think of one particular type and don’t realize there’s a lot of different types out there. Each of them have their own distinct benefits and people who swear by Chinese tea drink different types for different reasons. Whether you’re here to feel energized, or whatever the reason may be for why you’ve landed here at, we hope to provide you the right information to get you on the right back and make you the next avid Chinese tea drinker.

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